Mobile vs PC Gaming

Over the past few years I have heard a lot of talk of mobile gaming replacing PC gaming, not to mention console gaming as well. But I think that statement is completely false mainly for one major reason and that is that PC gaming and mobile gaming are different niches in the gaming industry. Yes …

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How to Find Free Ebooks on Amazon

There are a ton of free ebooks on Amazon but unfortunately Amazon doesn’t make it that easy to find them. I have close to 1000 books on my kindle app of every genre you can think of and I still keep finding new free books frequently. In this post I will teach you my methods …

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How Much Can You Make with Cryptocurrency?

Are you thinking about investing into bitcoin? Perhaps you have heard about teens who invested early and became millionaires, or perhaps you have seen an advertisement with people flashing their Lambos and mansions. Well first I have to make a disclaimer and that is that I am not a financial expert or professional trader. Everything …

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The difference between laptops and notebooks + other tech jargon

With so many new products coming out every year there also comes new terminology. Currently there are many terms for computer devices, terminology such as netbooks, chromebooks, macbooks and ultrabooks can be difficult to distinguish. Then there are laptops as well. You might have come across some of the products mentioned above while shopping online …

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